Water Filtration

Hydrologic Stealth-RO150 / 300 Membrane, cylindrical in shape, small white and red cylindrical bottom, black cylindrical body with a black and white top.
Hydrologic Stealth-RO150 / 300 Membrane
  • $123.30
Reduces silt, rust, dirt, sand, and sediment Clean regularly and replace bi-annually Compatible with Stealth-RO and SmallBoy (100,150,200,300 GPD)
Hydrologic Stealth-RO 100/200 Pleated Sediment Filter
  • $18.69
Hydrologic Stealth-RO / SmallBoy  KDF/Catalytic Carbon Filter Reduces iron, sulfur, chlorine, and heavy metals. This product comes in a clear container with a white lid, the filter is blue and brown.
Hydrologic Stealth-RO / SmallBoy KDF/Catalytic Carbon Filter
  • $61.42
Stealth-RO150 Reverse Osmosis System produces up to 150 GPD (gallons per day) of ultra-pure, low PPM water. This is an image of the filter on top is the RO membrane, the left is the green carbon filter and on the right is the sediment filter. The RO is black in colour.
Stealth-RO150 Reverse Osmosis System
  • $313.65