Water Filtration

Hydrologic Stealth-RO150 / 300 Membrane
  • $123.30
Reduces silt, rust, dirt, sand, and sediment Clean regularly and replace bi-annually Compatible with Stealth-RO and SmallBoy (100,150,200,300 GPD)
Hydrologic Stealth-RO 100/200 Pleated Sediment Filter
  • $18.69
Reduces iron, sulfur, chlorine, and heavy metals Rated at 1 GPM Twice the life of the Green Coconut Filter Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter Great for well water Stealth-RO: Replace the after 2,000 gallons smallBoy: Replace the after 6,000 gallons
Hydrologic Stealth-RO / SmallBoy KDF/Catalytic Carbon Filter
  • $61.42
Stealth-RO150 Reverse Osmosis System
  • $313.65