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This Canna Coco Professional Plus Cube is the exact same high quality as the much desired loose fill Canna Coco. This means it is made from the highest quality ingredients. It is washed and buffered, not steam sterilized and RHP certified for horticulture. The buffering process allows Canna to “pre-program” the medium to a certain age. This ensures the same consistent, high quality medium time after time. The composition of coco components blended together offers the best water-air ratio.
Canna Coco Brick 40L
  • $21.45
Canna Coco substrate is a 100% organic product having a fine, uniform structure, free from viruses, chemical additives and soil diseases. The fact that Canna Coco is not steamed is not the only thing that distinguishes it from other substrates; this is also achieved by the use of pure, first class source materials. Which come from India, where Canna’s production facilities use fresh water only to soak the coco. This to make sure no salts gets in contact with Canna Coco, ensuring a clean product.
Canna Coco
  • $28.85
Cyco Coco Pearl is a mixture of Coco Peat and Perlite. Our product combination is able to display the RHP stamp of quality as both the Coco and Perlite are sourced in Europe and are both RHP certified. The combination of the two RHP certified product gives us a superior blend for serious growers. Pre buffered, pH stabilised High water absorption & essential air ratio Natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly Clean & free from pests & viruses Free from chemical additives Features RHP premium quality
Cyco Coco Pearl 50L
  • $27.95