Mushroom Growing Supplies

Sterilized grain bag.
Grain Bag
  • $35.00
Sporeo Sterilized Grain is a Fully sterilized, sealed, and lab tested mushroom grain made from 100% organic rye berries. The sterilized grain comes sealed in a filter patch bag designed solely for this process. This product comes in a green box with an illustration of a mushroom on it.
Sporeo Sterilized Grain
  • $34.99
Lions Mane Mushroom, this product is in a transparent colonized mushroom bag filled with sawdust held in a person's hand. The mushrooms are popping out of the opening cut in the bag. The mushroom looks like a white ball covered in shaggy spines. The spines resemble the mane of a lion (hence the name).
Lion's Mane Mushroom Spore
  • $17.00