Scissors & Trimmers

Chikamasa B-500 SLF. Chikamasa Scissors are made in Japan and are the finest in the industry. The company’s blockbuster B-500 series, which includes a fluorine coated stainless steel blade, is specifically slanted for bud shaping perfection.
Chikamasa B-500 SLF
  • $30.00
Chikamasa CRI-360. If you are looking for the perfect snips that will last you a lifetime the Chikamasa CRI-360 are it.
Chikamasa CRI-360
  • $30.25
Giros Bonsai Shears. These Bonsai Shears have an ultra-light simplistic design and are ideal for cutting and trimming flowers with a 60mm cutting capacity.
Giros Bonsai Shears
  • $20.00
Giros Straight Blade Pruners. Pruning shears with micro-blades. Spring loaded, surgical steel dual density handles.
Giros Straight Blade Pruners
  • $20.00
Giros Curved Blade Pruners
Giros Curved Blade Pruners
  • $20.00
Replacement Spring. Replacement spring for pruners and scissors.
Replacement Spring
  • $1.00
Clear Cut Multi-Purpose Lubricant. Designed specifically for gardening tools and machinery, Clear Cut‘s lubricating properties provide an unmatched non-stick coating to scissors, clippers, hedgers, and shears.
Clear Cut Multi-Purpose Lubricant
  • $5.00
The Bowl is specifically designed for use in the processing of crops including basil, coriander, lavender, mint, parsley, oregano and rosemary. Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots and for the preparation of plants for essential oils, for the mixture of flower petals for aromatherapy and potpourri.
The Bowl
  • $260.00
The Trimbag collapsible hand-held dry trimmer brings a creative new approach to trimming while maintaining the best of machine trimming standards. With user control and a variety of time saving techniques, Trimbag brings you a truly unique, hands-on trimming experience. Whether you are harvesting indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse crops, choose Trimbag for efficient, quality trimming at an affordable price.
  • $399.00
The Trimpro Original is an effective and very quiet leaf trimmer. It is used to remove excess leaves and twigs from different types of plants and flowers such as rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander and parsley as well as in preparation for the extraction of essential oils and mixed flower clippings for potpourri. Its tempered steel blade makes a clean cut without damaging the plant.
Trimpro Original
  • $1,600.00
Trim Bin alleviates trimming fatigue and increases yield. Turn any chair into a comfortable work station. Ergonomic design reduces back, shoulder and wrist fatigue. High walls keep your work contained and make clean up easy. 150 micron stainless screen produces on fine grained, high-grade pollen. Easily collect pollen with the static brush and mirror finish collection tray.
Trim Bin
  • $65.00