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Premium nutrient solution. Vegetative and growth blend for use in hydrogardens, soil and coco media. Hydrotech's Super Veg is an easy-to-use, two-part formula for the vegetative stage. It contains all the macro & micronutrients that are essential for plant growth and development. Premium ingredients ensure maximum nutrient uptake, producing strong vigorous plants while increasing the yield, taste and quality.
Hydrotech Super Veg A&B
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Hydrotech Super Bloom A&B. premium nutrient solution. Fruit and flower blend for use in hydrogardens, soil and coco media
Hydrotech Super Bloom A&B
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Liquid kelp and vermicast extract. Powerful biostimulant extract of worm compost and seaweed.
Hydrotech 50/50
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High Brix blackstrap molasses unsulphured. Complex carbohydrate food source for beneficial microbes. Molasses provides a rich source of carbon, sugars and trace elements. This helps stimulate the vigorous growth of beneficial microbes. In return, these beneficial microbes build into existing root structures, managing higher levels of available nutrients in the soil, supporting larger root surface areas and providing the plant with better resistance to pest and disease.
Hydrotech Super Brix
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Hydrotech Super Hu-Max
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Liquid fulvic acid. Natural chelator and stabilizer. Biological food source and buffering agent. Super Ful-Max is an excellent complement to any synthetic or organic fertilizer. It is especially beneficial in freeing up nutrients locked up in the soil, making them readily availble to the plant as needed. Super Ful-Max consists of beneficial trace elements that activate important enzymes in the plant.
Hydrotech Super Ful-Max
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Hydrotech Super Seamax. Marine seaweed ascophyllum 'nodosum'. Foliage and root growth biostimulant containing auxins and cytokinins.
Hydrotech Super Seamax
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Hydrotech Super Aminoz. Increases yield, quality, proper ripening of fruits, reduces stress.
Hydrotech Super Aminoz
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Microbial root inoculant. Bacterial inoculant for seedlings and transplants in soil, coco, and hydroponics. Mycro Flores is a probiotic inoculum of beneficial microorganisms. It is a mixture of photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and saccharomyces. This diverse blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi will colonize the root zone to significantly increase soil fertility, reduce fruit drop, expand root mass and root hair development, improve nutrient uptake and enhance flower quality.
Hydrotech Mycro Flores
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Hydrotech’s Calcium Nitrate is a free-flowing, white, granular fertilizer. Its unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and fully water soluble calcium offers many benefits to growers. It leaves no residue when it dissolves; it’s immediately available for plant use, it improves crop quality, disease and stress tolerance and it is essential to apply early in fruit or vegetable development.
#1 Calcium Nitrate
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Hydrotech’s Potassium sulfate is an excellent source of nutrition for plants. It also supplies a valuable source of Sulfur, which is sometimes deficient for plant growth. Sulfur is required for protein synthesis and enzyme function. It can be used for making solutions for irrigation or foliar sprays, supplementing the nutrients taken up from the soil.
#2 Potassium Sulphate
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#3 Potassium Nitrate
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#4 Mono-pot Phosphate
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#5 Magnesium Sulphate
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#6 Trace Elements
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