Canna Aqua Flores A&B. 3-0-6. 0-4-4. Aqua Flores is a professional hydroponic nutrient for plants during the blooming phase, specially developed for re-circulating water systems.
Canna Aqua Flores A&B
  • From $35.90
Canna Coco A&B. 4-0-1. 1-4-2. Two-part nutrient for pre-buffered coco media.
Canna Coco A&B
  • From $33.90
Canna Substra Vega A&B. 4-0-2. 1-2-4. Two part nutrient for the growing stage in open hydroponic systems, adapted for soft water.
Canna Substra Vega A&B
  • From $29.00
Canna Substra Flores A&B. 4-0-3. 1-3-5. Two part nutrient for the flowering stage in open hydroponic systems, adapted for soft water.
Canna Substra Flores A&B
  • From $29.00
Canna Terra Vega. 3-1-3. One part fertilizer for the growing stage in pre-fertilized soils and soilless mixes.
Canna Terra Vega
  • From $25.95
Canna Cannazym. 0-2-1. Special formula to facilitate the breakdown of cellulose.
Canna Cannazym
  • $42.65
Canna RhizotonicXP is a powerful nutrient supplement that encourages further root development, supports the plant’s resistance to disease and stress and promotes its inner and outer strength. Rhizotonic XP augments a plant’s natural growth processes, encouraging the plant to generate key proteins and carbohydrates that aid in protection against environmental extremes, such as temperature and drought stresses.
Canna Rhizotonic XP
  • From $25.95
Canna Boost Accelerator. Bloom enhancer for increased productivity and flavours. CANNABOOST is made of naturally fermented plant extracts.
Canna Boost Accelerator
  • From $44.95
Canna PK 13/14. A dynamic fruit formulation booster. The nutrients potassium and phosphorus are essential for flowering and fruit setting plants.
Canna PK 13/14
  • From $10.95
Bio Vega is a one-part organic fertilizer for use during the vegetative stage. Developed for growing in soil, it is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to needs of your plants. The bioactive substances in Bio Vega stimulate root development and the formation of strong growth shoots, preparing your plants to optimally start their blooming period. Bio Vega fertilizer is vegetable based and guaranteed 100% organic.
BioCanna Bio Vega
  • $35.95
Bio Flores. 2-2-5. Complete plant based nutrient for fast growing plants during the flowering stage. Use Bio Flores in potting mixes or open soil during the flowering stage.
BioCanna Bio Flores
  • $35.95
Bio Boost. 0-1-0. Natural organic fermented plant extracts. Bloom enhancer for increased productivity & enriched flavours.
BioCanna Bio Boost
  • From $46.20