GP# Grow 2-1-6. 3 Part nutrient system.
GreenPlanet GP3 Grow
  • $14.99
GP3 Micro 5-0-1. 3 Part nutrient system.
GreenPlanet GP3 Micro
  • $19.99
This unrivaled 3 part nutrient system consists of a combination of all primary, secondary and micronutrients in three separate formulas: Grow, Micro, and Bloom.
GreenPlanet GP3 Bloom
  • $14.99
Professional hydroponic 2-part nutrient for your plants.
GreenPlanet Hydro Fuel Grow A&B
  • $21.00
Professional hydroponic 2-part nutrient for your plants
GreenPlanet Hydro Fuel Bloom A&B
  • $27.98
GreenPlanet Medi One 1 Part Nutrient system.
GreenPlanet Medi One
  • From $28.00
0.5-0.3-0.5. A blend of compost tea, fishmeal, molasses, and kelp.
GreenPlanet Root Builder
  • $22.48
Rezin is a flowering additive formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma. This results in high-quality flowers come time for harvest.
GreenPlanet Rezin
  • $34.99
2-0-0 Pro-Cal is a valuable source of supplemental calcium and magnesium.
GreenPlanet Pro Cal
  • From $13.99
GreenPlanet Liquid W-8
  • From $17.98
GreenPlanet Terpinator 0-0-4 For use during the entire life cycle of a plant
GreenPlanet Terpinator
  • From $25.00
Massive Bloom Formulation is engineered for the serious grower.
GreenPlanet Massive Bloom
  • From $22.99
GreenPlanet Vitathrive
  • From $24.00
GreenPlanet GPF Uptake 0-1-1
GreenPlanet GPF Uptake
  • $17.99
Dense Bud Compactor is a flowering additive with a specially formulated blend of potassium, which can be used separately from your regular feeding program. It is designed to maximize mass and bulk flowers during the bloom stage.
GreenPlanet Dense Bud Compactor
  • $39.99