Pails & Lids

12 Litre / 3 Gallon cylindrical Black Pail with white handle
12 Litre / 3 Gallon Black Pail
  • $7.10
20 Litre / 5 Gallon Black Pail with 4 ridges on top with handle
20 Litre / 5 Gallon Black Pail
  • $9.10
Lid for 12L & 20L Pails. Circular pail lid, black with a dimple in the centre.
Lid for 12L & 20L Pails
  • $4.50
Pail lid with vented pour spout.
Vented Lid for 20L Pails
  • $5.50
Gamma Seal Lid for 3.5 and 5 Gallon Plastic Pail turns pails into a resealable, airtight container. Made from a high density black polyethylene & FDA compliant. This product is shot slightly overhead. The lid has an “X” shape in the center, resting on another black ring.
Gamma Seal Lid for 3.5 and 5 Gallon Plastic Pail
  • $15.00
Bucket Black Square 13 Gallon. These black containers/buckets are rectangular in shape and are made with virgin, high density polyethylene material. These patented containers have no holes in them and can hold up to 8 or 13 gallons of liquid. Product is shown on a slight side angle, the dimensions are Dimensions OD: 13" W x 15.75" L x 18.75" H, ID: 12.5" W x 14.5" L x 18.75" H and Weight: 4.15 lbs.
Black Bucket Square Pail 13 Gallon
  • $32.95
Bucket Black Square 13 Gallon Lid. This lid is designed to fit a 13 gallon Bucket Black Square Bucket,  not only tight-fitting and secure, they have a flip-up section that allows you to access the contents without pulling the entire lid off every time.Made with virgin, high-density polyethylene material. Black lid is shown slightly overhead on a white background.
Black Bucket Square 13 Gallon Lid
  • $6.95