Drying Racks

Max Drying Rack is 72.5 inches in circumference and has four separate compartments; each compartment is 13.5 inches in height. The total height of The Rack is 53 inches when suspended and only weighs 2.5 pounds. When The Rack is not in use it collapses to a dismal 1.5 inches and could be stored anywhere. Image of open rack, black in colour, appearing gray in spots because of mesh material, and cylindrical in shape.
Max Drying Rack
  • $34.95
Sahara Dry Fast Drying Racks are lightweight durable mesh drying racks with 6 individual compartments measuring 33'' (83.82 cm) in diameter with 6 individual drying chambers with 1/8" open holes. The rack is photographed open hanging with straps that come to a point at the top.
Sahara Dry Fast Drying Rack
  • $59.95