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Aqua Flakes A&B provides the highest quality, fully soluble nutrients designed specifically for recirculating hydroponic applications. This low ppm base is perfect for ebb and flow, DWC, aeroponics, and any type of rockwool. Also use Aqua Flakes in inert peat mixes for best results.
House & Garden Aqua Flakes A&B
  • $45.00
Cocos A&B is formulated to provide the perfect ratio of nutrients while taking into account the cation-exchange capacity of coir. Coco coir as a medium has unique properties that are distinct from soils and hydroponic media.
House & Garden Cocos A&B
  • $45.00
Soil A&B provides balanced nutrition for enriched soils, and contains every essential nutrient, including a significant amount of calcium.
House & Garden Soil A&B
  • $45.00
For soil, coco, and peat applications. The world famous Roots Excelurator, with its well kept secret formula, is used for cuttings, seedlings, and plants in the vegetative and early flowering stages.
House & Garden Roots Excelurator
  • From $53.00
Top Booster provides nutrients needed for ripening and helps set the stage for Bud-XL and Shooting Powder.
House & Garden Top Booster
  • From $46.00
House & Garden Multi Zen
  • From $78.00
Drip Clean keeps your media and hoses free of salt build up. Drip Clean is 100% safe to use for plants and is especially useful in situations where tap water is used.
House & Garden Drip Clean
  • From $30.00