Reflective Material

Cube covers (4”, 40 per pack) have a white face to reflect light back to the plants, and a black side to block light and help to reduce algae, mildew, and pest problems. For use on rockwool and other media. This is a shot of 3 cube covers, 2 black and showing the one white.
Cube Covers
  • $10.25
Black & White Poly Film Plastic. Show in a roll with the right corner turned up to show the wite side of the plastic. ThermoFlo Black & White benefits are that it has a thick 6mm poly sheeting, reflects 90% of light back to crops on the white side, the black side absorbs light and can be used to partition areas and is waterproof.
Black & White Poly Film Plastic
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Mylar is a highly reflective agricultural film consisting of a metalized polyester surface with a tough woven poly backing material. The film reflects both heat and light in an even dispersed pattern. It is suitable for use anywhere in the greenhouse or growing room. It can be stapled, nailed or glued to any surface. The film's high durability makes this product reusable and very easy to clean.  Edit alt text
Woven Mylar
  • $100.00