Reflective Material

Cube covers (4”, 40 per pack) have a white face to reflect light back to the plants, and a black side to block light and help to reduce algae, mildew, and pest problems. For use on rockwool and other media. This is a shot of 3 cube covers, 2 black and showing the one white.
Cube Covers
  • $10.25
Black & White Poly Film Plastic. Show in a roll with the right corner turned up to show the wite side of the plastic. ThermoFlo Black & White benefits are that it has a thick 6mm poly sheeting, reflects 90% of light back to crops on the white side, the black side absorbs light and can be used to partition areas and is waterproof.
Black & White Poly Film Plastic
  • From $6.65
Woven Mylar is a highly reflective agricultural film consisting of a metalized polyester surface with a tough woven poly backing material. This is an image of a roll of mylar with a bit pulled out to show the product.
Woven Mylar
  • $100.00