The Exhale 365 bag comes with everything you would get in a regular, pre-enoculated bag except this one requires activation. Remove the hanger, move the mycelium down with your fingers until its on the substrate. Once there it will take approximately 2 weeks for it to get up to top-CO2-production.
Exhale 365 C02 Bag
  • $43.95
The Enhancer is an all natural CO2 generator made from 100% organic ingredients. This safe and effective solution for CO2 supplementation creates a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 PPM in a 12x12x12 foot area for up to 2 weeks. Activate The Enhancer by adding 1 litre of warm water, placing the lid back on, removing the sticker on the lid, covering the small hole with your thumb and giving the bottle a quick shake. The Enhancer works off the natural phenomena known as photosynthesis and will begin to dispers
TNB CO2 Enhancer
  • $40.00
The Enhancer now comes in a convenient refill pack! The TNB CO2 Refill Pack gives growers the ability to reuse their existing Enhancer bottle while saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time. Simply empty the contents of the original bottle and give the bottle a quick rinse. The contents of the Refill Pack can be added and instantly CO2 is once again available for use. Boosting plant production and improving overall health, CO2 is an essential element of photosynthesis and ofte
TNB CO2 Enhancer Refill
  • $22.00
Carbon Dioxide CO2 New 20 lb tank
  • $194.00
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Refill 20 lb tank
  • $35.00
Titan Controls CO2 Regulator
  • $159.95
This easy to use CO2 controller determines precisely when to activate and shut-off CO2 generators to maintain user-defined LOW and HIGH CO2 values in the grow room. The unit can deactivate CO2 enrichment during the night cycle and perform CO2 evacuation as well. The CO2 sensor is located in the controller box.
Grozone SCO2 The Simple One
  • $580.00
Co2 washer, meant to be used with Co2 regulators. Designed to go between your regulator and Co2 cylinder.
CO2 Washer
  • $0.50