Black Pearl is more than just high-quality charcoal. It is super mineralized with plant and mineral derived inputs like volcanic and sedimentary rock dust, natural chelates, and kelp. The harmony between ingredients provides a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program.
Grotek Black Pearl
  • $14.95
Synergy is a clay-based powder containing fungi, which help plants achieve explosive root development and overall growth all the way to harvest. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) stimulate growth and productivity in the majority of plants on our planet, and they also directly help improve soil conditions.
Grotek Synergy
  • $58.00
Monster Bloom is a worldwide industry standard and a top-selling bloom enhancer for a reason. It is packed full of essential nutrients that all plants crave as they strive to maximize yield. This formula provides a powerful punch to plants, moving from floral initiation to developing the largest flowers and fruit possible.
Grotek Monster Bloom
  • $15.20
Built to encourage profuse blooms and ensure high-quality flower development, this formula has a high impact on young flower buds with a low application rate. Improves flower initiation through an exclusive phosphorous micronutrient complex that provides plants with an opportunity to develop larger fruit sets and higher yields.
Grotek Blossom Blaster Pro
  • $18.44
This formula is designed for the initial stage of growth when young seedlings or freshly rooted cuttings need their first dose of additional fertilizer. Focused on root development and early leaf growth, this organic and mineral formulation ensures a strong start on the path to success.
Grotek Kick Start
  • $19.78
While every grower works for a higher yield, it's outstanding flavour and aroma that makes a great grower stand out. Heavy Bud™ Pro builds quality in high yielding crops. A fusion of ingredients to increase metabolism, sugar content, essential oils and key metabolites. The result is enhanced flavour, aroma and shelf life. Heavy Bud™ Pro is a catalyst meant for use during the mid to late stages of floral development when plants focus on flower density and fruit quality.
Grotek Heavy Bud Pro
  • $21.89
As a full cycle supplement, Vitamax Plus improves efficacy of any base nutrient. Key inputs help plants maximize foliage and flower development. With low organic content, this formula is ideal for water culture.
Grotek Vitamax Plus
  • $21.96