Grotek Synergy is a clay-based powder containing fungi, which help plants achieve explosive root development and overall growth all the way to harvest. This product comes in a silver circular container with a black lid, silver label, with green and black accents.
Grotek Synergy
  • $58.00
Grotek Monster Bloom's formula provides a powerful punch to plants, moving from floral initiation to developing the largest flowers and fruit possible. This product comes in a silver circular pot with a black lid, with a silver and red label.
Grotek Monster Bloom
  • From $15.20
Grotek Gro-Silic is a concentrated liquid silicon supplement suitable for soilless and hydroponic systems. This product comes in a silver jug with a top handle, black lid, black label with green and gray cells in the centre.
Grotek Gro-Silic
  • From $53.95