Hydro Systems

In deep water culture your plants will have explosive growth compared to soil. This is because the root systems have direct access to both nutrients and oxygenated water; your roots will not need to “search” but will be submerged in a readily accessible solution. It seems counterproductive that you grow a plant directly in water, but we can assure you this is the perfect balance.
Alfred DWC (Deep Water Culture) 1-Plant System
  • $82.95
2 x 5 Gallon FDA approved bucket 2 x 1/2" Grommet 2 x 6" Net pot bucket lid   8 x Lid clips 2 x 1.7" x 1.7" Air Stone   2 x Air tubing 2 x Blue water level indicator 2 x Dual barb elbow 2 x 2L Clay pellets 2 Outlet air pump  Complete instructions
Alfred DWC (Deep Water Culture) 2-Plant System
  • $114.95