Max Drying Rack is 72.5 inches in circumference and has four separate compartments; each compartment is 13.5 inches in height. The total height of The Rack is 53 inches when suspended and only weighs 2.5 pounds. When The Rack is not in use it collapses to a dismal 1.5 inches and could be stored anywhere. Image of open rack, black in colour, appearing gray in spots because of mesh material, and cylindrical in shape.
Max Drying Rack
  • $34.95
Sahara Dry Fast Drying Racks are lightweight durable mesh drying racks with 6 individual compartments measuring 33'' (83.82 cm) in diameter with 6 individual drying chambers with 1/8" open holes. The rack is photographed open hanging with straps that come to a point at the top.
Sahara Dry Fast Drying Rack
  • $59.95
2 Gram clear glass Vial with a black ridged lid
2 Gram Vial
  • $0.80
5 Gram Vial. Glass vial with ribbed black lid in the centre of the frame on a white background.
5 Gram Vial
  • $0.85
Glass Syringe, 1ml Glass Syringe with luer lock system with needle, comes with a plastic carrying case with magnetic closure and a foam protective insert. Separate slot for needle. This product is a clear glass syringe.
Glass Syringe
  • $3.75
Amber Syringe, 1ml amber syringe with cap. Product is shown standing up, orange base with white plunger and  white cap, shot on a white background.
Amber Syringe
  • $2.50
Glass Vial 25ml, brown glass with black dropper lid.
Glass Vial 25ml
  • $3.00
Heated Repeater Syringe 25ml/50ml syringe accurately delivers selected doses from 0.5ml to 5.0ml. This product has a metal tip, black puffy nozzle, red wire with a blue handle.
Heated Repeater Syringe 25ml/50ml
  • $540.00
XXXTractor Bags 5 gallon 3 bag cold water herbal extraction system. There are 3 bags: yellow, orange and red with white circular bottoms.
XXXTractor Bags 5 gallon
  • $123.99
XXXTractor Bags 14 gallon 3 bag cold water herbal extraction system. There are 3 bags: yellow, orange and red with white circular bottoms.
XXXTractor Bags 14 gallon
  • $240.00
XXXTractor 25 Micron Replacement Bag. One single yellow bag, shot flat with a white circular bottom.
XXXTractor 25 Micron Replacement Bag
  • From $39.99
XXXTractor 220 Micron Replacement Bag 220 microns 1 gallon replacement bag. One single red bag, shot flat with a white circular bottom.
XXXTractor 220 Micron Replacement Bag
  • $39.99
Chikamasa B-500 SLF are made in Japan and are the finest in the industry. The company’s blockbuster B-500 series, which includes a fluorine coated stainless steel blade, is specifically slanted for bud shaping perfection. This product had red handles and a black fluorine coated stainless steel blade.
Chikamasa B-500 SLF
  • $30.00
Chikamasa CRI-360. garden scissors have the sophisticated precision of Japanese steel coupled with the sleek easy grip of floral snips. If you are looking for the perfect snips that will last you a lifetime the Chikamasa CRI-360 are it. Equipped with a unique wire cutting groove to snip thin plant wire without damaging the scissors. The CRI-360 series are ideal for wet trimming, cloning, de-leafing, as well as general harvest plant preparation. This product has white handles and silver sheers.
Chikamasa CRI-360
  • $30.25
Giros Bonsai Shears have an ultra-light simplistic design and are ideal for cutting and trimming flowers with a 60mm cutting capacity. The shears have blue and black handles with silver blades pointing up.
Giros Bonsai Shears
  • $20.00
Giros Straight Blade Pruners are spring loaded, surgical steel dual density handles. High quality spring Ideal for cutting branches, flowers and fruits. An excellent alternative to standard scissors. These pruning shears are pointing to the top right, the handle is blue and black with silver blades.
Giros Straight Blade Pruners
  • $20.00
Giros Curved Blade Pruners are Curved Pruners are stainless steel curved micro blades, spring loaded, ergonomic design, ultra-light, have double density handles and a safety lock. The pruners are pointing to the top right, gold tips with orange and black handles.
Giros Curved Blade Pruners
  • $20.00
Alfred Straight Scissors. Black handle scissors with silver straight stainless steel blades. This product is shot on a slight background at a slight angle. Its comfortable ergonomic handles reduce hand stress and improve control. Can be used either right or left handed. Shown closed.
Alfred Straight Scissors
  • $14.35