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When these inline duct blowers were conceived, reliability and efficiency were the main goal. Its more powerful motor combined with its aerodynamically designed shape make Vortex Powerfan the performance leader in its category. Made in Canada by Atmosphere, these high performance inline blowers feature superior steel construction with a hammertone powder coat finish. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. The Vortex Powerfan is all a
Vortex 4” VTX400 175 CFM
  • $169.95
Can-Fan S 400 4” 145 CFM
  • $150.00
Can-Fan 4” HO 165 CFM
  • $200.00
The Can-Fan High Output series are centrifugal fans utilizing our proven German design, Swiss components and precision manufacturing. The High Output Can-Fan uses a high-performance motor for use in more demanding applications. They have carried AMCA certified numbers longer than most other fans have been around and you can be sure you’re getting every CFM we claim to deliver. Can-Fan can be easily installed in minutes using the included mounting bracket. They have a powder-coat finish and are 100% speed co
Can-Fan 6” HO 427 CFM
  • $239.00
Can-Fan 8” HO 766 CFM
  • $268.99
Max-Fan 10” 1052 CFM
  • $383.00
The Max-Fan is the first fan that has been developed with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program. CFDs are used for engineering aircraft propulsion engines. The perfectly designed 3D blades of the impeller and stator make this fan extremely powerful and energy efficient. Compared with other inline fans, the efficiency is 50%-100% higher. 6″–14″ come pre-wired with an 8 ft 120 V power cord. Can-Fan bring its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The Max-Fan is a more powerful an
Max-Fan 12″ 1708 CFM
  • $521.00
CAN 33 200CFM. Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 33 200CFM.
CAN 33 200CFM
  • $149.00
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 66 412CFM
CAN 66 412CFM
  • $223.75
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 50 420CFM
CAN 50 420CFM
  • $248.99
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 75 600CFM 
CAN 75 600CFM 
  • $341.90
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 100 840CFM
CAN 100 840CFM
  • $350.99
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 125 1020CFM
CAN 125 1020CFM
  • $359.95
Can-Filter Carbon Filter CAN 150 1260CFM
CAN 150 1260CFM
  • $399.95
Used for mounting 4" ducting to Can 33, Can 66, or walls.
Canfilter 4" Mounting Flange
  • $22.00
Used for mounting 6" ducting to Canfilters or walls.
Canfilter 6" Mounting Flange
  • $22.00
Used for mounting 8" ducting to Canfilters or walls.
Canfilter 8" Mounting Flange
  • $22.00
Used for mounting 10" ducting to Canfilters or walls.
Canfilter 10" Mounting Flange
  • $25.00