Welcome Harvest Farm

A ready-to-use multi-purpose mix suitable for a wide variety of gardening projects. Gives a longer lasting response to your gardening needs. “Super Grow Mix” is the fertilizer of choice.
Welcome Harvest Farm Super Grow Mix (4-4-4)
  • $22.95
Welcome Harvest Flower Power is a high analysis blend of organic fertilizers that can be used on any plant as a full term feed. It normally lasts for around 35-45 days in the soil before being depleted. Use on annuals, perennials and any other flower or seed producing plants.
Welcome Harvest Farm Flower Power Fertilizer (4-10-4)
  • $22.95
Langbeinite 0-0-22 (K-MAG). Potassium aids in the formation of carbohydrates (sugars and starches), improves quality of fruits and vegetables, and stiffens plant tissue by balancing resistance to disease and cold weather.
Welcome Harvest Farm Langbeinite (0-0-22)
  • $24.50
Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring rock mineral, Apatite. Rock phosphate is a good soil builder that encourages earthworms and beneficial soil microbes. Adds valuable carbon (6-7%) and natural chelating agents which make trace elements more plant-available. With adequate phosphorous, plants develop larger root systems and growth.
Welcome Harvest Farm Rock Phosphate (0-27-0)
  • $22.95