Veg+Bloom Tap/Hard nutrient powder is formulated for growers using tap or well water high in alkalinity.
Veg+Bloom Tap/Hard
  • $27.00
Ro/Soft is great for all hydroponic applications such as rock wool and coco. It’s specially formulated for soft water (under 200 PPMS or .1-.4 EC). When you dissolve Veg+Bloom in to your final volume of water, the solutions now contains essential nutrients for maximum growth potential. Use with +Life and Shine for optimum results.
Veg+Bloom Ro/Soft
  • $27.00
Veg+Bloom Dirty is enriched with organic compounds and pH ready for Peat/Soil mixes. It works extraordinarily well in Hydroponics as well. Dirty grown products will be super rich in sugars and essential oils. Formulated for growers using RO water, soft water, or source water with low alkalinity.
Veg+Bloom Dirty
  • $32.40
HD is best for rock wool, and other inert hydroponic media. PH tends to swing and it must be kept in range in the reservoir and within the root zone. Smaller container size is ideal for keeping root zone pH in range through frequent irrigation.
Veg+Bloom HD
  • $40.50
Veg+Bloom Stackswell
  • From $59.40