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Perlite 9L Bag


Perlite has numerous qualities and a variety of applications. It is used for soil improvement and conditioning; to ensure optimal moisture retention, improved aeration, drainage and to control weight and temperature variations. In irrigation of heavy soils; when added to compact clayey soils, perlite helps eliminate surface cracking and water accumulation. In growing mixes; whether for indoor or outdoor plants, perlite is used to provide soil aeration and optimal moisture retention, making root penetration easier, thus maximizing growth. For indoor plants, perlite-conditioned soils make it easier to manipulate containers and growing benches. Studies have shown that hydroponic systems using perlite achieve outstanding yields. For seedlings and root cuttings; when added to soil, perlite particles leave enough space to greatly improve root penetration. Perlite retains moisture, promotes aeration and drainage, and cannot be compacted. Perlite combines all the optimal conditions for the development of your cultures. For the conservation of bulbs and root-plants; combined with its other qualities, perlite’s insulating capacity makes it an ideal material for the conservation of bulbs and root-plants over long periods. .